Case Study: Community Host

Dr. Bean graciously hosted the first Healing Waters House Party, at her home in Whites Creek, TN on August 2, 2008. Guests were invited to partake in a delicious spread of  food and dessert. After a brief cocktail reception, we began the activities.  Every guest had an opportunity to participate, by reading the Chorus.  A special guest volunteered to read the character ButWhyGirl.  The event was touching and affirming in so many ways.  Any guests of the event are invited to comment below.

Number in Attendance:  10 female participants; 1 teen female participant; 3 female facilitators

Local and National Resources Provided:

The YWCA of Nashville Crisis Line
615- 242-1199

Domestic Violence Intervention Center

Domestic Violence Division of the Davidson Co. Police Department

Sexual Abuse Center

Mary Parrish Center

The National Domestic Violence Hotline:
1-800-799-SAFE (7233) OR 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

A Sample of Participant Feedback:

 How did the performance make you feel?

“Made me feel free cause I’m not alone. “

“I felt as though I’d experiences many of the same situations in relationships before.  It let me know that I wasn’t alone and helped me to better recognize the first steps of abuse.  It made me feel strong.”

“It brought out memories from my life.  From everything from my childhood to now.”

“Anxious at times due to the violence and the maltreatment of the WIW by ST.  Overall felt good about the program.”

 What insight has this performance of “Why Won’t She Leave?” given you about Domestic Violence?

“How to love someone when you don’t understand why they stay.”

“The saga continues…”

“It’s given slight insight of what goes on inside the mind of the perpetrator.”

“It has helped me to see that regardless o the form of domestic violence it always has the same patterns.”

“That I have been and continue tobe very, very blessed. However, I believe that one makes choices that can be positive or negative.  Therefore you determine your destiny.”

 In your opinion, why won’t she leave?

“The WIW in my life does not know that she deserves better”

“Until one accepts self & learns to love self one will continue to create situations of sabotage/abuse”

“She doesn’t want to leave because the love seems amazing and she doesn’t want to be lonely anymore.”

“love, money, self  esteem, fear, loneliness, kids, too too many to name.”

“She felt that she put so much time and effort into the relationship. However, at the end of the play she did end the relationship.”

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