Sensitive Content Specialist

What is a Sensitive Content Specialist and how do we do this work?

When creating works of art that touch on topics that may contain stigma, trauma, or shame, it is important to care for the artists involved in building the work. We want to ensure that an artist’s lived experience is acknowledged and that space is made to name the ways the way the work might re-traumatize the artist.

The goal is to create a safe space for creation and to provide the tools for artists to process and hold space for each other. We want the artist to be present in the process and to remove the burden of processing individually. The goal is to allow artists to collaborate and create a culture and foundation that is healthy and just for all involved.

We honor the human in the artist. We believe that each rehearsal is an opportunity to build relationships and a safe environment for collaboration.

Care is important work woven into every part of the rehearsal and production process. It may look like:

– Saying what needs to be said
– Prioritizing safety and mental well-being before the work begins
– Regular check-ins
– Being present
– Warm-ups and opening circles
– Accessibility in each phase of the production process
– Appreciations
– Closing circles
– Setting Norms and Agreements for communication
– Setting tone and context for the art work
– Transparency
– Accountability