How to Catch a Flying Woman

How to Catch a Flying Woman

by Cynthia C Harris with additional text by OlaOmi Amoloku, Tasneem Grace Tewogbola, and Dia S. Hodnett

A woman casting her vision and tending to her passion is a woman in flight.  Flight, however, is not consistent. A flying woman needs her beloved community to provide places for safety and restoration. A flying woman inspires us and guides us all to our best and highest.  When she falls, will we do more than witness?


“She has been called into transition after a major emotional event, something powerful enough to knock her off her feet and take her breath away.  She has been pushed beyond all limits, finding herself at the edge of familiar territory. She knows that crossing the line at her feet may make her unknowable to her clan, to herself.  Yet, she walks forward anyhow, with no knowledge of the rules governing this new land.  The next choices, while clear to her soul, break every rule…”

Debut: Aug 3-5, 2018 | She Said/She Said – A Summer of Women’s Stories

Photos by McKenzie Houston