Act Like A GRRRL NoVA in Capital Fringe

We are so excited to be supporting Act Like a GRRRL, Inc. (ALAG) in northern Virginia July 11th – 24th.  ALAG NoVA is in its fourth year.  Our fearless leader, Cynthia Harris, has been a supporter and Guest Artist with the Nashville ALAG circle since the beginning. This is her first year the co-leading the program.   She reports that things are going well! In fact, she couldn’t be happier.  We hope she returns.

If you are in Washington, DC,  July 21st – 24th, you don’t want to miss the show.  The GRRRLs create original work, movement, and songs in one week.  During the second week that work is transformed into a show AND performed as part of the Capital Fringe Festival.

grrrls postcard 5

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