Date: Saturday, March 4th
Location: Actors Bridge Ensemble at Darkhorse Theatre
Time: 11:30 am – 4:00 pm
Fee/Suggested Donation: $25

Are you a theater maker looking for new tools? Are you a theater student? Do you work in community engagement? Do you create programs for young people?

Come explore choreopoems with playwright, Cynthia C Harris, MPH. Learn about her unique method of community-engaged theater making. Use a personal narrative approach to build performances that combine poetry, monologues, call and response, choral refrains, movement, and music. This workshop is for all levels. Ages 12+. Come ready to play!


-Crafting the “good invitation to play.” Laying the foundation for collaborative work among diverse groups.

-Use individual writing prompts to build choreopoems in small groups.

-Find points of connection in individual writing.

-Use individual writing to introduce to build movement and create tableaus.

-Create call and response and choral refrains.

-Shape the choreopoem, identify transitions.

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