Cynthia Harris in conVERGEnce Series

Verge Theater Company to Host Virtual Discussion About the Future of Theater

Radically Reimagining our Institutions and Structures will take place online on ThursdayERICA CICCARONE NOV 17, 2020 1 PM0 Tweet Share (Nashville Scene 1.17.20)

Verge Theater Company to Host Virtual Discussion About the Future of Theater

From left: Cynthia C. Harris, Lauren Elysse Fitzgerald, Nettie Kraft

In October, the small-but-mighty Verge Theater Company kicked off conVERGEnce, a series of conversations with theater makers and arts professionals that address contemporary issues in the industry from the sound booth to the board room. Ahead of that virtual discussion, Verge board member Tessa Bryant told the Scene that conVERGEnce will not exclusively be about racial bias in theater, but that anti-racist policies and practices will be a recurring theme.

The conversation continues at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 19, with a session called Radically Reimagining our Institutions and Structures. According to the press release, this discussion will address how to build “a more equitable, just and accessible theater community in Nashville by listening to local experts and taking action.”

The session will be led by Lauren Elysse Fitzgerald, lead executive strategist for Strategize619, who has years of experience shepherding artists of stripes through the process of idea to creation to execution. Breakout sessions will be led by activist, educator and artist Cynthia C. Harris (the creator of 2019’s excellent How to Catch a Flying Woman) and Verge artistic director Nettie Kraft. 

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