MHRC: Just Conversations

On Tuesday, December 8th, I entered the temporarily closed, Nashville Public Library to discuss Race and Class for a series sponsored by Nashville’s Human Relations Commission. Our group’s Just Conversation was moderated by my good friend and colleague Jacquelyn Favours, MPH of Health Leads. The base of our conversation was Chapter 12 of Ibram Kendi’s How to be an Antiracist. Our panel of three Black Nashvillians centered around Kendi’s hypothesis that class racism must be eliminated through both antiracist and anticapitalist policies. The Just Conversation series will be shared through various social media platforms beginning in January 2021. The goal of the series is described below:

We believe the final product of all the episodes will engage residents throughout the region in actively discussing and thinking about race, racism, racial equity, and reconciliation in their communities, neighborhoods, organizations, faith groups, and other areas of their lives. Obviously, with the pandemic, many people and groups are not able to take part in these discussions within their communities. This will provide them with that opportunity.

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