WPLN Honoring National AIDS DAY

On this World Aids Day, we look at the legacy of a Nashville advocate for those living with HIV

by LATONYA TURNER for WPLN’s This is Nashville

DECEMBER 1, 2022

Much has changed about AIDS since the days when most who were infected died. And the stigma was real. Now, HIV can be treated and prevented. But there’s still work to do, which is why local artist and health educator Cynthia Harris wrote the play, “The Calling is in the Body.”

The play is based on her experience as a teenager in Nashville, when she met a brave advocate who was working to stop the spread of HIV by going public with her own status.

“It’s a hero story,” Harris says. “It’s my thank you to a woman who did something very brave and that we look at as our patron saint of radical visibility.”

Read more and listen here.

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